Starting a Community Garden in Batangas - Philippines

Developing a community garden, for us, is a way to improve community health, ensuring direct access to nutritious food, especially for the children from the communities around our base.

We have witnessed that most of the children in our community have poor nutrition, and unfortunately, we also have witnessed that malnutrition is a common fact in the community of Batangas, and in the Philippines, in general.

Our mission with this project is to break these cultural chains that deprive the human beings of basic human rights, such as good food, knowing the importance of it for healthy growth, since this is a very vulnerable area, and lack of public health policies.

With the supervision of a nutritionist from our own missionary team, we have planned to set up a "pilot garden" in the vicinity of our base in Batangas.

Building community gardens bring benefits to the environment, as it brings the possibility of using organic residues as fertilizers, provided by the local communities. The people getting involved on the gardens can see the results of their own hard work. The gardens also allows families to bring home vegetables, fruits and herbs they have grown. 

Developing a community garden helps to promote community development because it brings the community members together, since they work for the same purpose. They also allow the creation of social ties, and it can contribute to their awareness of the importance of preservation of the environment for maintenance of this and the next generation.